Larnaca Rally Sprint 2020



During pre event scrutineering the following were reported:

1. Competition Car No. 4 with Driver Yianno Ioannides, Car No. 5 with Driver Mario Panayiotou, Car No. 6 with Driver Marios Pavlou, Car No. 7 with Driver Kyriakos Ioannides, Car No. 10 with Driver Thoma Theofanous and Car No. 12 with Driver Christodoulo Christodoulou, were reported arriving late at Secretariat/Scrutineering.

Stewards Decision:   20 Euro Penalty.


During the after event meeting of the Stewards the following was reported by the Clerk of the Course:

2. Competition Car No. 1 with driver Petros Petrou and Car No. 7 with driver Kyriakos Ioannides did not present their cars in the final Park Ferme of the event.

Stewards Decision:   Exclusion from the event.



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