A.   Cyprus Motorsport Federation Structure





B.   Year of Establishment:




C.   Cyprus Sports Organisation Certification:


Certificate Number 550. dated 20 March 2002.



D  Objectives:



To foster and develop motorsport in Cyprus as a whole and in all categories regardless of gender, social status and religion or nationality, in accordance to the national and/or international regulations, by encouraging, supervising and coordinating athletic activities for its Members and all those fostering any kind of motorsport.



To organize the Pancyprian Motorsport Championships of all categories, to hold under its auspices regional competitions or to participate in international competitions and to undertake the organising of international   competitions in Cyprus.



To organize in Cyprus in cooperation with other authorities  seminars for the training of marshals, stewards and others and to facilitate their participation in seminars abroad and to provide opportunities to them for training and specialisation.



To exercise control on crews representing Cyprus in International Events and Racing Competitions and to organize and set up the national teams of all categories based on the performance and the abilities and regardless of origin or nationality of the drivers.



To communicate with International Federations, Associations, Organisations and Administrations in order to be up to date with the Motorsport abroad and to cooperate with them for the organisation of competitions, for the training or education and for any athletic or competition matter in general.



To cooperate with other Sport Organisations and Federations or Administrations in Cyprus and to participate in organisations established or about to be established and having the same or similar objects.



To issue rules regulating all matters related to the registration of new clubs within its  force, the terms for providing grants or other benefits to persons or clubs, the discipline of athletes, marshals, stewards and others, clubs,  organisers, manufacturers, the structure of services and in general the operation of the Federation as the national holder of the sporting power   in Cyprus.



As the highest authority in Cyprus for all issues arising or regarding or related to motorsport to pursue its affiliation with International Federations, Clubs, Organisations and Administrations.



To provide for the necessary economic resources for the smooth operation of the Federation and materialization of the set goals and projects thereof.



To pursue athletic recognition as a Federation pursuant to the Cyprus Sports Law 41/1969 and amendments thereof. For founding members a reasonable period is granted for acquiring athletic recognition if there is no such recognition upon the establishment of the Federation.



To create the necessary preconditions for implementing specific structures both for the athletic as well as the social aspect of the objectives of the Federation with the economic and material support of Member-Clubs and the construction of facilities, including car racing circuits and premises for the Federation.



To hold the exclusive right for representing  Motorsport in Cyprus and to cooperate with the Cyprus Sports Organisation, the Cyprus Olympic Committee and any governmental or other authority in Cyprus, on matters arising from or relating or regarding  Motorsport and safe driving.



To promote and coordinate the provision of services (such as insurance cover, towing etc) for Member-Clubs, through specialized organisations.





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